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of another time and place book

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For a lot of people, summertime means vacation and travel, but not everyone has the luxury to take time off from work and see the sights. If you're stuck at home this summer, you can still go on a journey around the world and through time with these new historical fiction novels. Whether it's while lying on a beach, riding the subway to work, or sitting at home on the couch, readers are always traveling if they have a book with them. Reading has the power to freeze time, pluck readers out of the present, and transport them to another time and place entirely. No matter what is happening in the real world — work, family drama, political catastrophe — books can serve as a much-needed escape from it all, especially historical fiction books. Well-researched and rich in detail, historical fiction novels are doorways into another world in another era. Each page, overflowing with real-world building and historical accuracy, is like taking another step away from the present and into the past.
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12 New Historical Fiction Novels To Transport You To A Different Time And Place This Summer

It is the story of a country gone astray, mesmerized by their mad Fuehrer, and the artist-turned-warrior and his courageous bride who vow to break his spell and make a difference, even it if means dangling at the end of a Nazi rope. However, there is more to his story than meets the eye. After battling in the skies above Russia, Becker is transferred to Belgium where he is promoted to captain and tasked with training a new squadron of pilots. He is given leave to travel and meet Adolf Hitler himself, who is to give him an award for his prowess in the sky. He stops off at his hometown where he learns a secret. Amelia has been hiding a Jewish family in the woods near their town — but not just any family.

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She wondered if he was the man she was searching for. How many men after all could have that name, and be both a retired musician and a former Luftwaffe ace? She had so many unanswered questions. How would he explain the violence, the many deaths by his own hand? How had he survived when so many of his comrades perished under the guns of the Allied air armadas? And most important, had this man somehow found redemption? Or was he just another grizzled old Nazi living out his last days in undeserved anonymity, still unrepentant for the horrors his people inflicted upon the world, and her people in particular.

Turn up the heat with five sensual novellas that take the readers on a wild ride of stimulation. Led and edited by the New York Times bestselling author Zane, Another Time, Another Place transports sensuous and steamy encounters across the world and through history. From when the pharaohs ruled, to the forbidden romances in the time of the Vietnam War, to a future where technology has reshaped the meaning and making of love, this anthology showcases the popular talents of contributors such as Rique Johnson, Dywane D. Birch, and more. Readers explore the many cultures and traditions that have shaped the concept of romance. These five novellas takes readers to places they've only imagined before, fleshing out the sizzling detail and proving a satisfying read in the tradition of such runaway favorite anthologies as Chocolate Flava and Blackgentlemen.


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    Book Review: ‘Of Another Time And Place’ By Brad Schaeffer | The Daily Wire

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    12 New Historical Fiction Novels To Transport You To A Different Time And Place This Summer

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