And no birds sing book

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and no birds sing book

And No Birds Sang by Farley Mowat

At a time when 'attacks from the air' as Carson described them - the indiscriminate spraying of crops with pesticides - were a regular occurrence in the US, Carson's book Silent Spring questioned the logic of releasing large amounts of chemicals into the environment without fully understanding their effects on ecology or human health. Carson presented evidence from state after state of entire bird populations being wiped out, the desecration of plant life, contamination of ground water and instances of the deaths of human beings. Beyond these specific concerns, she suggested that the spraying was a 'war on life' - and put this as a moral, as well as scientific, question. In an age where there was palpable excitement in the agricultural and chemical industries at the prospect of man controlling nature, Carson introduced the idea that man's war against nature is a war against himself. This programme looks at the events surrounding the production of Silent Spring, and its hostile reception in some quarters, to its legacy today. Wednesday 26 December 9.
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And No Birds Sang book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. In July , Farley Mowat was an eager young infantryman bound.


Thank you! Just over a decade ago a serious effort was mounted by various scientists to discover what was causing the native bird population of Guam to decline rapidly, with the hope that such knowledge would in time save many of the species from extinction. Amid fears that Rachel Carson's Silent Spring was once again manifesting itself, their various inquiries led them to examine the obvious causes: avian disease, loss of habitat, and pesticide poisoning Guam was heavily sprayed with DDT during and just after WW II and, more recently, with malathion, when Vietnamese refugees were housed there. But biologist Julie Savidge, a doctoral student at the University of Illinois, had another theory. Her studies led her down unorthodox paths such as interviewing natives and contacting local utility offices, in addition to traditional approaches such as examining blood samples for disease and poisonings. Though ridiculed by some of her colleagues, she stuck to her early hunch that the birds were being eaten by snakes--the brown tree snake, in particular.

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Alexandra Coghlan. Smyth even pauses to assess the likelihood of actually hearing a nightingale in Berkeley Square slim to none. He roams widely through the cultural and social history of birds and their songs, gently debunking myths as he goes.




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