Myths and legends from around the world book pdf

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myths and legends from around the world book pdf

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A myth is a traditional story without an author that is usually intended to:. In ancient times, something like a clap of thunder must've caused quite a fright. They didn't understand the inner workings of meteorology. Imagine the panic a hurricane or earthquake would've incited. In order to understand these phenomena and, perhaps, bring comfort to people, myths were created as explanations for the many mysteries of life.
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Myth Story Examples From Around the World

All over the world there are extraordinary stories—stories that once upon a time were believed to be true but are today limited to the sphere of ancient myths and legends. The question remains, are those myths and legends stories something that existed in the minds of our ancestors, or were they based on true events? It is true that most of those ancient myths and legends stories appear to the scientific world as fictitious products of vivid imaginations whose goals were purely to explain phenomena beyond their comprehension. Yet is it not arrogant to accuse our ancestors of being uncivilised and ignorant in one breath, then offer them praise and admiration over their monuments, buildings, art, sculptures, and societies in the next? This only proves that our modern society has two contradictory attitudes toward our past. In this section we will explore some of the most amazing myths and legends from around the world—legends that may hold truths that can unlock the secrets of our ancient origins. Ancient Origins has been quoted by:.


Myths and Ledgends From Around the World is a book written by Anneka Sunden , detailing much of the history and legends of various mythologies from around the world including the Norse Mythology and the tales of the Asgardians that inspired them. Erik Selvig decided to read through the book, due to Thor reminding him of the stories he heard as a child. The myth of the Bifrost explained that the Asgardians built it in order to keep the Frost Giants and Trolls from attacking Asgard. The myth also explained that Odin chose Heimdall to watch over the Bifrost because he could warn the other gods in case there was an invasion. When other tribes replaced the name Jupiter with Thor, Thorsdaeg, or in Hnglish Thursday, became the name of the 5th day of the week.

Notes : The collection "Il Pentamerone" was first published at Naples by Giambattista Basile, who is believed to have collected them chiefly in Crete and Venice. Author : Giambattista Basile About folktales The folktale is a story passed down verbally from generation to generation. Each storyteller added something new to the stories, making them more interesting and fascinating as the ages passed. Different folktales bear the characteristics of the culture, folklore and customs of the people from which they originated. The collection of folktales from Africa consists of four books with 88 stories: 28 South African folktales, 40 Nigerian folktales and 10 Tanzanian folktales. The collection of folktales from Asia consists of fourteen books with stories: 55 Arabic folktales, Chinese folktales, 69 Indian folktales, 69 Japanese folktales and 61 Filipino folktales. The European stories are divided into four groups: the Celtic, the Germanic, the Romanic and the Slavic.

Ghost-less ghost stories, urban legends are modern day fairytales. Just as Little Red Riding Hood and Goldilocks were spread by oral tradition, urban myths are spread by word of mouth, creating contemporary folklore, often with a moral sting in the tail. Let's face it, a sleepover isn't complete without at least one candlelit tale of terror. Much like traditional folklore, modern myths are embellished or altered as they are retold. Most are still told orally over marshmallows and hot chocolate but some are recorded. Many authors have retooled urban legends as inspiration for novels or movies. My new novel, Say Her Name is my version of the most famous urban legend of them all, the "Bloody Mary" curse.


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