Coloring book and crayon storage

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coloring book and crayon storage

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Guess what? The holidays are coming! Are you going to make any handmade gifts? If so, I am going to be offering ideas in the weeks to come. Today I bring you a perfect holiday gift idea. And folds up nice and has handles so little ones can carry it wherever they are going. Great for church, airplane or car trips or anywhere out and about.
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Published 15.12.2018

Colouring Supplies Haul and Pencil Crayon Storage

Pencil and Crayon Storage

If you have become a true Coloring Book Addict by now you are sure to have quite the collection of colored pencils , pens , markers and more and NOW you need to organize your art supplies. There are so many options that I will just be sharing several that might meet your artistic needs, we colorists are all so uniquely individual. Once you have one you might want more. What I love most about it is how sturdy it is AND that I can store ALL of my colored pencils, erasers, sharpeners and books all in one spot and then roll it away when company comes. You can also clip an LED light on the edge of it in case you need more light in your family room which is where I always end up coloring. If you have an IKEA store nearby then go buy one.

Kids Coloring Book and Crayons Storage Carrier. Miles Kimball personalized coloring book holder corrals coloring books and crayons, keeping them tidy.
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Being Realistic: Organizing Kids Crafts Supplies

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This time, my goal is to get my house organized in a way that actually works for my children. The thing is, with a 2, 3, 6, and 9 year old, I absolutely expect to have to straighten things myself, but I want my kids to be able to put things away on their own. It can be a whole lotta stuff. You moms know what I mean. Maybe I was willing to open a drawer and sort through a stack of coloring books to find the one a child wanted, but that child was not.

We do not need another coloring book in my house. We are stocked. So stocked that I've sent memos to all family members instructing them not to buy coloring books for the kids for at least 4 years. I also purged some of their coloring books too. The remaining books fill-up an old dish rack.



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