Lewis and clark diaries book

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lewis and clark diaries book

Odd Facts About Lewis and Clark: Sex, Dog Meat, and the Lash

The expedition of Lewis and Clark is more than just an adventure. The Corps of Discovery expedition, as it was officially known, was commissioned by President Thomas Jefferson , in , shortly after the Louisiana Purchase. Louis, across the Continental Divide , to the Pacific Ocean. Though the mission failed to meet its goal of finding a water route to the Pacific, the historic journey of Lewis and Clark is thrilling to consider, even two centuries later. Considered the definitive telling of the Lewis and Clark expedition, Undaunted Courage is based largely on the two men's diaries. Ambrose, a preeminent historian, nicely fills in the gaps of Lewis' and Clark's personal accounts, giving insight into their companions on the journey, and the backdrop of the then-uncharted American West.
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Lewis and Clark: Corps of Discovery-book ideas for history unit (part 1)

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The Journals of Lewis and Clark

A selection of the journals of Lewis and Clark When Thomas Jefferson acceded to the Presidency in , one of his great unfulfilled wishes was to see a proper scientific expedition carried overland to the Pacific. But in , Jefferson dusted off the basic plan he had devised for Michaux, and once again, prepared to send an exploring party to the west. From the outset, the Lewis and Clark expedition seemed destined to enjoy a better fate than its predecessors. While Michaux had become ensnared in international rivalries after entering the field, Lewis and Clark were presented with news that the Louisiana Territory had been purchased, removing one more international hurdle to clear in an already arduous course. Although usually thought of as a scientific expedition, it was driven as much by political and commercial interests as scientific. In keeping with his Enlightened precepts, the information that Jefferson hoped to gain was practical as well as theoretical. He hoped as much to spur the extension of the fur trade further into the interior as to advance pure knowledge, and wished to determine which areas were most amenable to white settlement.

All rights reserved. Did you know that men of the native tribes that Lewis and Clark encountered frequently offered their wives and daughters to the explorers? Or that the Corps of Discovery frequently ate dogs? That Lewis and Clark got lost? These are only a few of the little known oddities about the famous expedition of years ago. Book editor Anthony Brandt highlights some of the oddities about one of the greatest adventures in history. Did you know that men of the native tribes that Lewis and Clark encountered frequently offered their wives and daughters to the whites?

From —, in an exciting journey to the Pacific Ocean and back, Lewis and Clark's Corps of Discovery mapped the lands, described the natural wonders, and encountered the people of western North America. But, as Walter Kim wrote in Time, "If not for the … epic the captains scratched out while crouching on hillsides and squatting on riverbanks, we might not remember Lewis and Clark at all. This website makes available the text of the celebrated Nebraska edition of the Lewis and Clark journals, edited by Gary E. Moulton's edition—the most accurate and inclusive edition ever published—is one of the major scholarly achievements of the late twentieth century. The site features the full text—almost five thousand pages—of the journals.


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