18th and 19th century humanities book

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18th and 19th century humanities book

18th and 19th century humanities book

For an overview of subjects, click on " Systematik" 19th century; facsimiles Germans from Russia - On the Trail to Colorado. Learn 19th century humanities with free interactive flashcards. This collection for The 18th - Century Common curates a series of short public humanities essays on all aspects of criminality. Sewing is now on recessed cords to give the spine a smooth appearance increasing the type of decoration which could be used. Include description.
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Popular Books of the First Half of 18th Century America

Spatial Humanities

Connect to 17th and 18th Century Burney Collection Newspapers. The accessibility statement for this database can be found here. Extensive collection of more than one thousand newspapers and pamphlets from Broad coverage of the humanities, science, and medicine. Connect to 19th Century British Library Newspapers. Connect to 19th Century British Pamphlets Collection. Connect to 19th Century UK periodicals, series 1.

Search this Guide Search. Digital Resources for the Humanities A guide to electronic text and image collections of use to scholars in the Humanities. Early European Books, High-resolution facsimile images of rare printed sources from the origin of printing through the seventeenth century. Eighteenth Century Collections Online Digitized works on many topics published in the 18th century. Eighteenth Century Journals Newspapers and periodicals from around the world. Covers a variety subjects, including politics, world events, literature, and society. Electronic Enlightenment more

Gregory I. Cooper, D. Gregory, I. Indiana University Press: Bloomington. International Journal of Humanities and Arts Computing , 9 1. Atkinson P. Baker H.

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The Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century Research Group encompasses a wide and eclectic range of different research specialisms. In addition to renowned work on Romanticism and post-Romanticism, gothic literature, Victorian fiction, nineteenth-century poetry and nineteenth-century life writing, members of the group have also produced innovative and compelling research on nineteenth-century writing and science, Romanticism and colonialism, poetics and translation. He also has a strong research interest in literature and science, especially in issues of race and human variety in the period. He is currently researching a new project on representations of opium and the opium trade in nineteenth-century British writing. Dr Daniel Foster writes about eighteenth- and nineteenth-century drama and culture. His current research focuses on the eighteenth-century revival of minstrelsy in Great Britain influenced the nineteenth-century American blackface theatrical tradition. Dr Jo Poppleton researches the literature and culture of the long eighteenth century.

In the early Victorian period disease transmission was largely understood as a matter of inherited susceptibility today's 'genetic' component and individual intemperance 'lifestyle' , abetted by climate and location, which were deemed productive of noxious exhalations a version of environmental causation. Water- and air-borne infection was not generally accepted. Thus the edition of Buchan's Domestic Medicine, with its coloured frontispiece showing the symptoms of smallpox, scarlet fever and measles, listed among the general causes of illness 'diseased parents', night air, sedentary habits, anger, wet feet and abrupt changes of temperature. The causes of fever included injury, bad air, violent emotion, irregular bowels and extremes of heat and cold. Cholera, shortly to be epidemic in many British cities, was said to be caused by rancid or putrid food, by 'cold fruits' such as cucumbers and melons, and by passionate fear or rage.


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