Difference between monograph and book

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difference between monograph and book

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Getting all sorts of confusing advice, and not knowing how to move on? Let us help you out of the dilemma! There are two main types of dissertations. One is the monograph, and the other is the paper-based dissertation:. But, with the growing importance of academic papers peer-reviewed articles and the simultaneous declining importance of scholarly works published as a book monograph in many disciplines, this has shifted. So one determining factor is the research area in which you work. Also, different countries still have different preferences, or are about to shift from monograph to paper-based dissertations.
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6: Dissertation dilemma? Hand in a monograph or papers?

Press monographs and handbooks are authoritative professional reference books, textbooks, and handbooks covering theory, state-of-the-art applications, and outlooks on topics of special interest to scientists and engineers. Formats and pricing details are shown on the book product pages. Interested in writing a book? Information for book authors. Sign in Help. Books By Technology. Field Guides.

A monograph is a specialist book on a single subject written by one author. Research papers are published in a journal. A journal is a collection of academic research papers or writing from several people based on a theme and published from time to time (either weekly, fortnightly.
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In this post I shall substantiate my claim by describing and commenting on the main differences between a typical thesis and a good scholarly book. Comment: The difference in purpose, as in author and readership below , means that the thesis and monograph are profoundly different. Book: It is a book and normally is produced to professional publishing standards. Comment: Producing a book-like thesis is risky but may be unavoidable. My previous post explores this issue. Thesis: Often a lower limit, but not always an upper limit sometimes the assumption being that the greater length, the greater the scholarship.


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    A decade ago, in my first year as lecturer in a humanities department, an eminent professor helped me secure a book contract with a top university press for my recently completed doctoral thesis.

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