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the death and life of superman book

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By creating an account, you verify that you are at least 13 years of age, and have read and agree to the Comicbook. Leaving aside the prevalence of Doomsday in Dan Jurgens's current Action Comics run, and the fact that Peter Tomasi and Doug Mahnke retold chunks of the Death and Return of Superman storyline in Superman: Rebirth 1, there's something more -- and more important -- to the appeal of this book: in many ways, it's the biography of the post- Crisis on Infinite Earths Superman. When Superman died in and was revived in , it was the culmination of years of the Superman family of titles being some of the best-reviewed superhero books in all of comics. Starting with The Man of Steel in , a roster of all-star writers and artists reinvented Superman from the ground up, enraging a segment of the comics-reading audience who were upset about the things that they'd lost from the Silver and Bronze Age interpretations of the character while cultivating a whole new generation of readers for whom John Byrne's Superman was normal. This new Superman was never Superboy as a teen, and he had virtually no real emotional ties to Krypton. Sent to Earth from an ultra-futuristic society while still in a mechanical womb, Kal-El had no memory of Krypton and didn't lean of his alien heritage -- or his super powers -- until he was in his late teens.
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“The Death of Superman” Story Arc Explained

"SUPERMAN -- DEAD!" --The Daily Planet On November 18, , news of Superman's death shocked the world as the legendary Man of steel was killed.

The Death and Life of Superman

Here at last is the dramatic story behind the best-selling comic book of all time: the fates of Clark Kent, Lois Lane, Ma and Pa Kent, the Justice League, and the reign of the four super-beings who mysteriously appeared after Superman's funeral, each claiming to be the real Last Son of Krypton. And finally, here is the complete incredible story of Superman's triumphant return! In this thrilling novel, Roger Stern, a veteran writer of Action Comics , chronicles the most amazing comeback in comic-book history -- told with more gripping detail and background than ever before. You only thought you knew the whole story The issue of Superman that chronicled the Man of Steel's final battle with the monster called Doomsday made headlines all over the world and sold four million copies in a matter of days, making it the fastest-selling comic book of all time. No one suspected at the time that the story of Superman's death would soon be eclipsed Yet, in all the excitement and fanfare surrounding the spectacular revelations of Superman's death and life many questions have remained unanswered.

The series began in late and continued for a full year until late Superman complete. Justice League. Comic Book Herald is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn a qualifying affiliate commission.

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While novelizations of movies and even televisions series were nothing new in and super-heroes stories had been told in prose form before this book was released there had never been, to my knowledge, a novelization of a specific comic book storyline. I think this proves how popular the Death and Return of Superman really was. To invest in not one but two different prose adaptations one for the mainstream market and one for the young adult market is simply amazing. After some intense research i. If I had to hazard a guess as to why they wanted to publish the novelization I would have to say the answer is probably money.


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