Comic book art black and white

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comic book art black and white

Geek Art: Black and White Comic-Book Art by Stjepan Sejic — GeekTyrant

He sharpens his craft over and over again, until he achieves perfection. Jack Kirby, Vincent Deighan, and George Perez are the legendary names which inspired many comic book artists. What do they have in common? Create stories to your illustration. Begin with developing your supervillain.
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How to Draw Comic-Book Style Ink! Digital Linework and Shading Tutorial

Geek Art: Black and White Comic-Book Art by Stjepan Sejic

Batman Black and White refers to the comic book limited series published by DC Comics featuring 8-page black and white Batman stories. The origin of the series is told by editor Mark Chiarello in his introduction to the first collection, in which he writes about a dinner table-discussion with "a few famous comic-book artists," at which they pondered the "desert island" question in terms of a single complete run of comics one would be happy to be stranded with. When Chiarello became a Batman editor "a whole bunch of years" later, he naturally "pitch[ed] the idea of a black and white anthology. Each story varied in theme, setting, and tone depending on the creative team involved , offering multiple interpretations of Batman - and, in some cases, his supporting characters - usually by exploring their inner pathos and relationships. Collects backup stories from Batman: Gotham Knights [4] with five new tales.

Comic books began as a dime-store novelty, and since then, they have gone through countless transformations, artistic explorations, public excises, declines and revivals. The history of comic book styles is one as dynamic as the stories they contain, shaped not only by the hands of countless writers and artists but by millions of readers across nearly a century.
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