Gauge gravity duality foundations and applications pdf

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gauge gravity duality foundations and applications pdf

Gauge/Gravity Duality - E-bok - Martin Ammon, Johanna Erdmenger () | Bokus

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File Name: gauge gravity duality foundations and applications
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Published 23.12.2018

Gauge Gravity Duality

Johanna Erdmenger

I am interested in string theory and quantum field theory. Together with my group we look at new relations between string theory and elementary particle physics and also condensed matter physics, in view of bringing string theory closer to experimental tests. We constructed a gravity dual for a holographic superconductor for which the dual field theory is explicitly known. We also considered fermionic fluctuations and found the Fermi surface for a strongly coupled p-wave superconductor. It corresponds to excitations localized near the nodes of the gap. An important result which I obtained with members of my research group together with Nick Evans of the University of Southampton is the first gravity dual description of chiral symmetry breaking by a quark condensate. This result, which also involved the associated Goldstone boson, was obtained by embedding a D7 brane in a suitable ten-dimensional gravity background.

It seems that you're in Germany. We have a dedicated site for Germany. Many open questions in Theoretical Physics pertain to strongly interacting quantum systems such as the quark-gluon plasma QGP produced in heavy-ion collisions or the strange-metal phase observed in many high-temperature superconductors. This book begins with a pedagogical introduction to how the duality can be used to extract transport properties of quantum systems from their gravity dual. It then presents new results on hydrodynamic transport in strongly interacting quantum fluids, providing strong evidence that the Haack-Yarom identity between second-order transport coefficients holds for all fluids with a classical gravity dual and may be a universal feature of all strongly coupled quantum fluids such as the QGP.

Filling a huge gap in the literature by bringing together all the different strains of research within this particular subject into one single volume, this book is a collection of articles presenting up-to-date, ongoing results by renowned experts Du kanske gillar. Human Compatible Stuart Russell Inbunden. Lifespan David Sinclair Inbunden. How To Randall Munroe Inbunden. Ladda ned. Spara som favorit.

Moshe Rozali University of British Columbia.
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ISBN: hardback , ebook The first three chapters of both the books cover basics of quantum field theory, general relativity, and supersymmetry.





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