Easy movie trivia questions and answers pdf

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easy movie trivia questions and answers pdf

Easy Movie Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

A: Tom Hanks. Which circus musical starred Glenn Close as the hero's wife on Broadway? A: Barnum. Who met husband Richard Burton on the set of Cleopatra? A: Elizabeth Taylor. Who played Jack in Titanic? A: Leonardo DiCaprio.
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100 Trivia Questions For Kids With Answers

Challenge the Brain welcomes quiz masters across the world to enjoy their selection of family and pub quizzes. For the ultimate fun, why not begin with our movie trivia questions and answers. Printable and readymade for a pub quiz night, our questions are based on a whole range of famous movies from old, classic films to the latest blockbusters, and we even provide separate printable answers for your convenience. Movie Quiz Questions and Answers Our team has created the best movie quiz questions and answers on film titles, famous movie quotes, lines, actors, songs from movies, Disney films, characters and Christmas movies. Our film questions and answers range from easy to hard making them suitable for family quizzes. We write our free, online quiz games for adults, teenagers and kids to enjoy.

Movie Trivia Questions E49 - Questions about film and actors. Disney Movie Trivia Questions 11 - A set of printable trivia questions with multiple choice answers about Disney films. Movie Trivia Questions 48 - Movies present and past. Comedy Movie Trivia Questions 6 - Comedy movies and actors who have played roles within them. Disney Movie Trivia Questions 10 - Disney animated and non-animated films. Movie Trivia Questions 47 - Popular films and actors.

Feb 18, Disney-Movie-Trivia-Questions-and-Answers-PDF. Funny Silly and Dumb Trivia Questions With Answers - Free Printable Funny Trivia.
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Movie Quiz Questions and Answers

Welcome to our Kids Movie Quiz Questions; funny, educational free online kids Movie quizzes to help educate children in a fun and interesting way. The kids Movie questions and answers are free and all children's quizzes are easy to print out. The printable film quiz answers are provided on a separate answer page making it simple for kids to understand and enjoy! The quizzes are easy and fun to enable all kids to enjoy them. Our questions are about quotes, movie titles, Disney films and favorite kids movies.

It is expected for every movie buff to keep abreast of happenings in the world of movies, not just names of movies but also names of the actors and actresses playing different roles in different movies. Here is a list of movie trivia questions and answers for your consumption. These questions and answers might seem trivial, but they are fun to read. Marilyn Monroe. Wings of Desire, a foreign film, was remade as what starring the actor Nicolas Cage?

If you think you're a film buff, then test out your knowledge with these free movie trivia questions and answers. Reveal Answer A. The Hurt Locker. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Paul Newman. Reveal Answer Gone with the Wind.


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    90s Movie Trivia Questions and Answers. From: golfschule-mittersill.com 90s-movie-trivia. 1. What is the name of Will Smith's character in Independence.

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    Dogs In The Movies Quiz - Films that include, or are related to, dogs. MULTIPLE CHOICE GAME · HIDDEN ANSWER FORMAT · PDF PRINT, Movies, Animals.

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