Kinetic family drawing scoring and interpretation pdf

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kinetic family drawing scoring and interpretation pdf

Kinetic Family Drawing by Cassandra Bluethner on Prezi

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File Name: kinetic family drawing scoring and interpretation
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Published 26.12.2018


History of the Kinetic Family Drawing

Drawing on resilience: piloting the utility of the Kinetic Family Drawing to measure resilience in children of HIV-positive mothers. In this article we describe how using a visual, child-friendly measure of resilience in a randomised control trial RCT , the Kgolo Mmogo KM project, resulted in representative insights on resilience in a mother-child relationship where the mother is HIV-positive. We used the existing psychological method Kinetic Family Drawing KFD to measure resilience of young children in the qualitative phase of the concurrent mixed method RCT as the children represent cultural groups for whom standardized measures have not been developed. This exploratory study indicates initial support for the cross-cultural utility of the KFD to measure resilience in young children faced with adversity. In wellness studies more individualized conceptualizations of resilience have only been validated for a slight minority of the world's population, despite current literature speaking to more ecological definitions of the concept Ungar,

I first learned about the Kinetic Family Drawing Technique from a school psychologist who uses this valuable art therapy tool in educational testing. You can use a modified version of this test with your clients and students. It is a very helpful technique for a certified, or licensed, professional to keep in their counseling tool box. The good news is that you do not have to be an art therapist to use this. You can get some Beyond Art Therapy training in the eBook in the right hand column of this page. There are five basic elements to the Kinetic Family Art Therapy Drawing that need to be analyzed and interpreted.

Children are asked to draw their family doing something rather than given the general instruction to just draw their family; the difference of asking a child to include the family acting or doing something was a huge development to this assessment tool. This tool is supposed to help the therapist understand what attitudes the child has toward his or her family and also see what the family dynamics are like in general. Reliability and Validity Factors It is difficult to determine the reliability and validity of the KFD because of its subjectivity; different therapists can interpret a drawing in different ways based on the questions they ask and how they see the drawings specifically. According to Herson , the test-retest reliability of the KFD is "good" pg It is hard to measure the validity because of the inconsistent use of various scoring systems, but the KFD has been popularly used abused and maltreated children and children with serious medical illnesses. Administration and Interpretation This test can be administered by any therapist or counselor and takes approximately 20 minutes. The child is given the following instructions: "Draw everyone in your family, including you, doing something.

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