Tube testers and classic electronic test gear pdf

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tube testers and classic electronic test gear pdf

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I have a sneaking suspicion that this may make for a much better mousetrap, but the general consensus is that it does not. What I do understand is that the first advertisement seen above is from the July issue of Electron magazine. I am very afraid to even imagine what the retail price might be. You may also notice the metal cabinet upper left photo does not appear to have a lid. This makes me think they were counter models, or meant for the front counter of the radio repair shop, to show customers the condition of their tubes. What you should note is that starting with the R, you could substitute the factory socket assembly for a reversible version! Each side consisted of seven sockets, meaning you could test a total of fourteen different tube types.
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SICO TV-11 Tube Tester Repair & Some Notes on Tube Testers

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Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Home Help Search Login Register. Hemi Level 2 Posts: There's just no improvement on some things. I am going to buy a used tube tester. Can you guys give me some suggestions of what to look for please?

Tube Testers and Classic. Electronic Test Gear by. Alan Douglas. ➢ An amazing review of tube testers, lots of Hickok information. ➢ Information.
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I could very, very easily end up collecting these things. What saves me is the fact that most of them are overpriced. For an antiquated piece of equipment that few people want to test obsolete parts, it's amazing the prices they can fetch. One of the great, yet infuriating things about tube testers is that they don't play by the rules. They don't behave the same way other test instruments do. Not so with tube testers.

Tube Tester Data. Thumbing through the 56 page tube chart, I noticed many tubes listed have no "Rated Gm Micromhos" Data. Is there a way of determining this based on the manufacture Tube data? Needless to say chart updates are not exactly easy to locate. Hi Gene, If the Mercury values agree with other gm listings, then download for a Hickok or the like.


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