Holographic interferometry principles and methods pdf

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holographic interferometry principles and methods pdf

Holographic interferometry - Wikipedia

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Published 27.12.2018

Holographic Interferometry - SixtySec

Holographic Interferometry

Holographic interferometry HI [1] [2] is a technique which enables static and dynamic displacements of objects with optically rough surfaces to be measured to optical interferometric precision i. These measurements can be applied to stress, strain and vibration analysis, as well as to non-destructive testing and radiation dosimetry. It can also be used to generate contours representing the form of the surface. Holography is the two-step process of recording a diffracted light field scattered from an object, and performing image rendering. This process can be achieved with traditional photographic plates or with a digital sensor array, in digital holography. If the recorded field is superimposed on the 'live field' scattered from the object, the two fields will be identical. If, however, a small deformation is applied to the object, the relative phases of the two light fields will alter, and it is possible to observe interference.

It seems that you're in Germany. We have a dedicated site for Germany. Holographic Interferometry provides a valuable and up-to-date source of information in the rapidly expanding field. The scope of the book has been limited to the study of opaque object and ample space has been devoted to a comprehensive treatment of the phenomena of fringe formation, with a particular emphasis on the quantitative evaluation of the holographic interference fringe patterns. The emergence of computer-aided fringe analysis and phase-shifting techniques have simplified considerably the quantative real-time measurements of object shapes and deformations. The last two chapters provide a reasonably detailedoverview of full-field holographic methods for the measurement of shapes, displacements, dervatives, difference displacements and vibrations. Extension to Comparative Holography.



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Principles and Methods



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