Advantages and disadvantages of modem pdf

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advantages and disadvantages of modem pdf

Modem: What is a Modem? Types of Modems

The three main types of modems for Internet access are dial-up modems, cable modems and DSL modems. Dial-up requires a phone line and an internal or external modem. The consumer supplies his your own modem. Data transmission rates run at 56 kilobits per second or possibly less. A cable modem supplies broadband service through cable network with a splitter and cable modem providing high-speed Internet service. Modems are supplied by an Internet service provider.
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Modem vs Router - What's the difference?

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What is the Function of a Modem

Share the latest technology trends or photos of gadgets you love. Modulation is the process of changing the form of the signal carrying the information. The demodulation process does the task of extracting information from the signals that are modulated. Analog signals can encode the digital information at the time of modulation and decode it back during demodulation to transmit the data, using devices such as a radio or a diode. Modems are classified on the basis of two criteria, Data sent per unit time Change in the state of the signal per unit time They were first used in the '60s decade, for connecting computers over a network of telephone lines.

Two of the most popular technologies that offer speedy access to the World Wide Web are DSL broadband and the cable modem. There are several reasons why this is the case and the first one is that both of these Internet connections are considerably faster than the standard dialup connections. However, when you compare the speed of data transfer between DSL and a cable modem there is a bit of variance depending on various technical aspects. Because of these variances DSL and the cable modem might have the advantage at different times. An overview of both technologies will clearly show the advantages and disadvantages of both. Generally the cable modem is used domestically in homes.

Modem technology connects computers and other devices to the internet. Different types of modems are compatible with different types of.
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Advantages: 1., The primary advantages of broadband networks over baseband networks include greater distances and bandwidths,while disadvantages involve high maintenance costs and requires modems.

A network interface card contains an Ethernet adapter for connecting the computer to a wired network. A NIC can provide a faster, more reliable and more secure connection than a wireless network card. However, NICs are less portable and often less convenient than using a wireless radio to access the Internet. That's why many computers, including laptops, provide both a NIC and a wireless radio, which gives you the option to choose the way you connect to the Internet depending on the circumstances. A network interface card provides a fast connection to the Internet.


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