Electromagnetic waves and transmission lines by bakshi pdf

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electromagnetic waves and transmission lines by bakshi pdf

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Antennas And Wave Propagation. Bakshi U. Radiation Fields of Wire AntennasConcept of vector potential. Modification for time varying, Retarded case. Fields associated with Hertzian dipole. Power radiated and radiation resistance of current element.
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Transmission lines - III Electromagnetic Waves and Transmission Lines

Distributed-element circuits are electrical circuits composed of lengths of transmission lines or other distributed components.

Electro magnetic Waves and Transmission Lines

Save extra with 3 Offers. About The Book Electromagnetic Waves And Transmission Lines Book Summary: This systematic and well-written book provides an in-depth analysis of all the major areas of the subject such as fields, waves and lines. It is written in a simple and an easy-to-understand language. Beginning with a discussion on vector calculus, the book elaborately explains electrostatics, including the concepts of electric force and field intensity, electric displacement, Gauss law, conductors, dielectrics and capacitors. This is followed by a detailed study of magnetostatics, covering BiotSavart law, Lorentzs force law and Amperes circuital law. Then, it discusses Maxwells equations that describe the time-varying fields and the wave theory which is the basis of radiation and wireless communications.

Bakshi, U. Bakshi — Co-ordinate Systems and Transformation : Cartesian co-ordinates, Circular cylindrical co-ordinates, Spherical co-ordinates. Electric Field in Material Space : Properties of materials, Convection and conduction currents, Conductors, Polarization in dielectrics, Dielectric constants, Continuity equation and relaxation time, Boundary condition. Magnetic Forces, Materials and Devices : Forces due to magnetic field, Magnetic torque and moment, A magnetic dipole, Magnetization in materials, Magnetic boundary conditions, Inductors and inductances, Magnetic energy. Electromagnetic Wave Propagation : Wave propagation in lossy dielectrics, Plane waves in lossless dielectrics, Plane wave in free space, Plane waves in good conductors, Power and the Poynting vector, Reflection of a plane wave in a normal incidence. Transmission Lines : Transmission line parameters, Transmission line equations, Input impedance, Standing wave ratio and power, The Smith chart, Some applications of transmission lines.


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8.03 - Lect 16 - Standing EM Waves, Reflection, Transmission Lines, Rad. Pressure





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