Data guard interview questions and answers in oracle 11g pdf

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data guard interview questions and answers in oracle 11g pdf

Satya's DBA Blog: Oracle Data Guard Interview Questions with Answers

Home page Contact Us. Net DWH New. What are the services required on standby database? Standby database requires Fetch Archive Log FAL client to request and fetch archive log files from primary database, remote file server to receive archived log files from primary database, archiver process to archive redo logs applied to standby database, and Managed Recovery Process MRP to apply redo logs to the standby database. All Rights Reserved.
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Oracle Data Guard - Standby Databases Overview - DG Video 2

Home / Oracle dataguard – Interview Questions Snapshot standby is a feature in Oracle 11g that allows doing a read-write operation on the standby database.

Oracle Data Guard Interview Question And Answers

Your primary database is running and you want to reduce downtime because of unplanned outages. You create a replica of this primary database termed as standby database. You regularly ship redo generated in the primary database to standby database and apply it there. Your standby database was out of reach because of network issue. How will you synchronize it with primary database again? Data Guard automatically resynchronizes the standby following network or standby outages using redo data that has been archived at the primary.


What are the advantages in using Oracle Data Guard? Following are the different benefits in using Oracle Data Guard feature in your environment. High Availability. Data Protection. Off-loading Backup operation to standby database. Automatic Gap detection and Resolution in standby database.

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