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the scalpel and the silver bear pdf

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Harriet S. The Scalpel and the Silver Bear is a poignant, fluidly written autobiography of a Navajo woman, tracing her steps from the reservation in Crownpoint, Ariz, where she grew up to the upper echelons of academic medicine at Dartmouth University. In between is a compelling tale of the cultural and psychological hurdles that Native Americans and women face in the world of medicine. And while Arviso's story contains an incisive, critical look at medical education and the culture of modern medicine, it is directed not solely at medical professionals and medical educators. It is also directed toward Navajo girls interested in knowing their options, sick people who hope to see their illness in a new light, and anyone interested in viewing healing in a broader, more holistic sense. Biography : The Scalpel and the Silver Bear.
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The Scalpel and the Silver Bear: The First Navajo Woman Surgeon Combines Western Medicine and Traditional Healing. Home · The DOWNLOAD PDF.

[BOOK] PDF The Scalpel and the Silver Bear: The First Navajo Woman Surgeon Combines Western

The author, the first Navajo woman surgeon, tells the story of how she was able to cut across cultural, class, and educational borders to become a part of the medical world; and discusses how she came to understand the power of Navajo thinking about health and illness to impact some of modern medicine's most daunting problems. See more about this book on Archive. Copy and paste this code into your Wikipedia page. Need help? Last edited by Clean Up Bot.

Jun 06, ISBN The first Navajo woman surgeon combines western medicine and traditional healing. Rising above the odds presented by her own culture and the male-dominated world of surgeons, she returned to the reservation to find a new challenge. In dramatic encounters, Dr. Alvord witnessed the power of belief to influence health, for good or for ill. She came to merge the latest breakthroughs of medical science with the ancient tribal paths to recovery and wellness, following the Navajo philosophy of a balanced and harmonious life, called Walking in Beauty.

Lori Arviso Alvord bridges two worlds of medicine—traditional Navajo healing and conventional Western medicine—to treat the whole patient.
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Lori Arviso Alvord born is an American surgeon and author. Alvord was also nominated to serve as the U. Surgeon General in Alvord uses new techniques that bring together Navajo healing techniques and modern Western Medicine. She initially majored in Natural Sciences before transitioning into a major focusing on social sciences. The doctor who coordinated research in the lab suggested to Alvord that she should go to medical school, which caused her to blush. After studying medicine at Stanford University , Dr.

The Scalpel and the Silver Bear is the autobiography of Dr. Alvord was raised in a small town named Crownpoint on a Navajo reservation adjacent to New Mexico. She grew up the daughter of a Navajo man and a white, blond woman, feeling torn between Navajo and modern American worlds. The book tells the story of Alvord's attempt to integrate the core insights and wisdom of her two cultural traditions. She intends her book to serve two other purposes as well: to tell the story of how one Navajo broke the glass ceiling and to illustrate the medical knowledge latent in Navajo rituals and taboos. Alvord argues that modern medicine has lost any sense of spirituality.


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