Animals in swiss family robinson book

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animals in swiss family robinson book

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Written by Swiss pastor Johann David Wyss , edited by his son Johann Rudolf Wyss and illustrated by another son, Johann Emmanuel Wyss, the novel was intended to teach his four sons about family values, good husbandry, the uses of the natural world and self-reliance. Wyss' attitude toward education is in line with the teachings of Jean-Jacques Rousseau and many chapters involve Christian-oriented moral lessons such as frugality , husbandry , acceptance and cooperation. Wyss presents adventures as lessons in natural history and physical science. This resembles other educational books for young ones published about the same time. But Wyss' novel is also modeled after Daniel Defoe 's Robinson Crusoe , an adventure story about a shipwrecked sailor first published in and the source of the "Robinson" in the title "Swiss Family Robinson". The book presents a geographically impossible array of large mammals and plants that probably could never have existed together on a single island, for the children's education, nourishment, clothing and convenience. Over the years there have been many versions of the story with episodes added, changed, or deleted.
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Yet, at home, both Wyss and his book remain practically invisible and firmly in the shadow of a certain Alpine orphan, Heidi. It is not, however, for all children, but only for those who read with some understanding, who have a command of general terms of natural history and geography, and who have been versed in a range of knowledge from the better schools for 8- to year-olds. The edges of the roughly year-old, page book are fraying, but the quality is generally good; the Gothic typeface takes a while to get used to, but the printing is sharp. He wanted to write something that would entertain his four sons but more importantly teach them about Christian morality, family values, a good work ethic, cooperation and self-sufficiency. Johann Rudolf Wyss was right. Demand was so great that French and English translations — which happily added and removed characters and passages — appeared within a couple of years and publishers struggled to keep up. The story tells of a Swiss family — a father, mother and four sons — who want to start a new life in the Spice Islands but end up on a desert island following a storm in the Indian Ocean.

The Swiss Family Robinson. This story of a father and mother and their four sons who were wrecked on a desert island in the tropics, encountered all manner of birds, beasts, fish and reptiles as well as plant life and established themselves comfortably there has enjoyed extraordinary popularity for nearly two hundred years. Its combination of adventure, danger and discovery with paternal instruction in botany, zoology and geography made it irresistible to generations of youthful readers. The book may be concerned with a Swiss family, but its experiences could easily be identified with imaginatively by British youngsters. These excited readers may well have had relatives or neighbours scattered across the colonies. They could revel in the exotic dangers and delights of the desert island, knowing that it connected up with the strange and marvellous realities of far-flung British settlements. Part of the problem lies in the fact that the earliest English editions do not derive directly from the original German text, but from a version made in French by the Swiss Baroness Isabelle de Montolieu , who made a good many changes and additions to it.

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    The Swiss Family Robinson (German: Der Schweizerische Robinson) is a novel by Johann This resembles other educational books for young ones published about the The domesticated animals on the ship are towed back to the island.

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    In The Swiss Family Robinson, a Swiss family are shipwrecked on an island in the East Indies with nothing but themselves and their ship's and the island's.

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    The Swiss Family Robinson by Johann David Wyss

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    The Swiss Family Robinson - Wikipedia

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