Lenovo yoga book 2 in 1 review

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lenovo yoga book 2 in 1 review

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Where do I even start with the Lenovo Yoga Book? The hinge in particular is rather nice. At gm, the Yoga Book is very light. I found that the best way to open the device is to literally hold it like a book and open it. Once open, you find a glass surface that doubles as a keyboard, touchpad and digital notepad. Above this is the
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Published 30.01.2019

Lenovo Yoga Book review: A unique 2-in-1 laptop and tablet

Lenovo Yoga Book 2018 review: The keyless keyboard returns, now in E Ink

It's bad news for the 2-in-1 we all thought would pay the way for the next generation of laptop. It's beginning to look like Lenovo's Yoga Book is no longer being manufactured, with Lenovo's official website indicating that both the Android and Windows-powered Yoga Books are out of stock. We've received no official word about the Yoga Book from Lenovo, and it may well be that the firm is gearing up for a possible Yoga Book 2 launch although, again, this is pure speculation. As the manufacturer who first perfected the convertible laptop concept, though, Lenovo is no stranger to pushing the boundaries of laptop design — and it's got a pretty good track history of not getting it disastrously wrong in the process. This time around, it's raised the stakes higher than ever — the Yoga Book is by far the riskiest experiment yet.

The new Yoga Book has an E-Ink display instead of a keyboard and can be considered a combination of a laptop, a tablet and an e-reader. On top of that, you can also digitalize text and drawings with this all-rounder. The device is based on its predecessor from but offers many changes and improvements. For instance, it provides better performance. On the other hand, it has also dropped at least one feature. Is the Yoga Book worth twice the price of the old version? Find out in our detailed review.

Back in , when Lenovo launched a laptop with no physical keyboard called the Yoga Book , it was one of the barmiest and most exciting product launches in the laptop space for years. As it transpired, however, the Yoga Book felt like it had one foot in the past and the other in the future. For and beyond the Yoga Book is back for more, but in a different 'C' form: it's incredibly slim and has a touchscreen keyboard that uses the same display tech as an Amazon Kindle ebook reader. As a result the Lenovo Yoga Book C is one of the most unusual laptops in the world - charmingly unusual. But it's not great for typing, its graphics tablets chops are basic, and power is limited. Should anyone really considering pay a grand for one?

Case - Yoga 2-in-1

Lenovo has crafted a brilliant, forward-thinking device that could very well create a subcategory in computing all of its own. That may sound awkward and difficult to get used to — and it is. But its inputs separate from the screen, usable as a WAcom digitizer is a definite plus. After all, breaking new ground will always take some getting used to. And finally, this is the first laptop or tablet to come in both Windows 10 and Android varieties using the exact same hardware inside.

The Yoga Book is one of the most exciting products of , with a form factor never seen before in a mass-market consumer device. You can type on it, write on it and copy your physical notes into digital form. Weighing just g and just 9. Related: Best tablets. You get a single Micro USB port for charging, a 3. Despite haptic feedback that vibrates the entire keyboard when you hit a key, the lack of any proper physical feedback does make for a fairly typo-heavy experience.


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