A stranger is watching book summary

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a stranger is watching book summary

A Stranger is Watching | Mary Higgins Clark

Detailed plot synopsis reviews of A Stranger is Watching A young boy's mother was murdered in front of him but he wrongly accuses a seventeen year old boy. The boy is about to be executed when the boy and his father's girlfriend are kidnapped. The race is on to save the two hostages before the suspect is executed. Click here to see the rest of this review. The review of this Book prepared by Kayla Stairs.
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Stranger Is Watching

Ronald Thompson knows he never killed Nina Peterson But Thompson's death will not stop the pain and anger of Nina's husband, Steve. Thompson's death will not still the fears of Nna's six-year-old son, Neil, witness to his mother's brutal slaying. Not even the love and friendship of Sharon Martin, a journalist who is slowly becoming a part of their world, will ever erase their bitter memories. Only time, perhaps, will heal their wounds. But in the shadows a stranger waits, a cunning psychopath who has killed before, who has unfinished business at the Peterson home With her daughter Carol Higgins Clark, she has coauthored five more suspense novels.

Thank you! A distinct comedown from the page-turning mysteriousness of Where Are the Children? If Neil's very smart Daddy and the very dumb cops can't quickly find the kidnapper's secret hideout--an unused kitchen at Grand Central Station--Neil will die, Dad's girlfriend Sharon will die the horny kidnapper grabbed her as well , and the youth who was mistakenly found guilty of the murder will be executed. To keep the action going, the maniac implausibly keeps dropping hints as to his identity and whereabouts, making a last-second-before-the-explosion rescue possible. Only the fatal interference of one of New York's ""shopping-bag ladies"" who stumbles onto the hideout comes across as vaguely real or frightening; everything else, from Neil's baby-talk thoughts to Sharon's campaign against the death penalty, is artificial and recycled. By breaking this nonsense into 53 tiny-tot, scene-shifting chapters, Clark keeps it from seeming boring.

The main characters in the novel are Steve Peterson, whose wife Nina was murdered two years before, his six-year-old son Neil.
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The main characters in the novel are Steve Peterson, whose wife Nina was murdered two years before, his six-year-old son Neil, who witnessed the murder, and Sharon Martin, a young journalist who befriends them both. The novel opens as Steve and Sharon debate capital punishment. A young man named Ronald Thompson has been sentenced to death for Nina's murder. Sharon is against the death penalty and tries to save Thompson. Unknown to them, Thompson is actually innocent. The real killer is a psychopath named August Rommel Taggart, Arty for short.


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