How to make a concept book

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how to make a concept book

Children's Book Genres: Concept Books | Summer Edward- Writer, Children's Editor

Some of the simplest picture books are concept books. Books about sound, color, shapes, seasons… ways that we categorize the world that will be new to a toddler. Concept books might often seem like just random lists, but the good ones have an underlying structure that takes more planning than it seems. A lot has to do with the order in which information is presented. It can be an order is natural to the concept itself such as the passage of seasons or the sequence of the colors in a rainbow, but often the author has to work to impose order. A lot of the pleasure of a concept book is to see how an author and illustrator do this.
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The Artist’s Book. Concept, Making and Selling. Online Courses.

6 Tips to Make your Book Concept a Reality

Literature for children: a short introduction. Types of Picture Books. The concept books are written to present factual material through illustrations and accompanying text. Concept books can deal with almost any subject. Some of the concepts they present are opposites, spatial relationships, and sounds. Concept books are clearly didactic books they educate but do not preach. A good concept book conveys its information in a clear and entertaining way.

L et me start with three reasons working on a book with a lousy concept is a bad idea:. I have been in pub board sessions where I could literally see the tension in our bodies. We fairly writhe in our seats when we love the writing or the platform, or both, but dislike the concept. We writhe because we see all that potential going to waste. And yes, sometimes we get it wrong.

Others find the previous example a little overwhelming and prefer to think in chapters or segments smaller themes or ideas. This offers them the framework that they can build on in smaller, bite-size pieces. So what is Plan B? If you are in the beginning stages of creating or developing your craft, then you might find it best to set aside just thirty minutes a day. At the moment, you can get this book for FREE when you sign up to receive our blog and e-newsletter. In case you missed it, here is a link to my last blog with some more helpful insights. Bridging the gap between self and traditional publishing.

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